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Besides the beauty, health care, Himalayan rock salt plays an important role in the spiritual life of Asian people. Is a sedimentary layer deep in the foot of the range Himalayas, covered with lava and snow ice over millions of years, rock salt almost exists in a sterile environment. This is a favorable condition for rock salt to absorb the essence of heaven and earth, to store a strong source of energy. Not to mention, this stone contains more than 80 different types of useful minerals, after heating it can balance air ions, eliminate toxins, create fresh air.

Combining these things, feng shui experts have researched the production of rock salt into lamps with many different patterns to improve feng shui, neutralize the ominous consequences in certain cases. Feng shui salt lamps can be used as a decoration in your living room, bedroom or workspace. When placed in an appropriate position, the lamp will promote its performance, radiating positive energy, contributing to increasing prosperity.

  1. Feng shui salt stone lamp in the living room

The living room is considered the center of the house, the place to receive and create blessings for the homeowners. Therefore, arranging salt lamps according to your own destiny in the living room can contribute to creating a peaceful collective living space, bringing a harmonious atmosphere, cohesion among members as well as eliminating sources. negative energy, turns into a healthy owner.

  1. Salt feng shui stone lamp in the bedroom

Contain lots of positive energy and capable of detoxifying the air effectively, so putting the salt stone lamp in the bedroom you will feel more relaxed, let go of anxiety, fatigue after a long day of stressful work, help heal diseases quickly, make the emotional life of husband and wife more connected. The soft light emitted by these lamps also helps you sleep better, no longer have nightmares or startled in the middle of the night.

  1. Feng shui salt stone lamp in the office

For environments like the workplace, the business place needs a lot of fun and friendliness. If you use salt rock lamps to decorate according to feng shui, you will feel many positive changes. The energy emitted from the rock salt lamp has the ability to help us stabilize our spirit, concentrate more, reduce pressure and stress. Not to mention it also has the effect of eliminating electromagnetic waves emitted from electronic devices such as computers, phones, printers, ... which are considered to be the "culprits" contributing to increasing fatigue and stress for worker.

Himalayan Salt Rock Damilama

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