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Exploited under the depth of 2km of the foot of the range Himalayas, rock salt is known as the precious gift that Mother Nature bestowed to humans. No one expected that the sediment formed from the geological fluctuations of hundreds of millions of years ago contained more than 80% of minerals beneficial to human health. From Pakistan, salt rock has been introduced to many countries around the world and gradually become more familiar with the lives of people in the fields of beauty, health care, cuisine, construction or feng shui.

Salt rock Spa - Beauty treatments completely from nature

Among the wide application areas of rock salt, Spa - beauty from rock salt is currently highly appreciated. Spa Himalayan rock salt is often used in forms such as fine powder for bathing, sauna or exfoliating; tablets for massage, acupressure; cubes to place feet; large bed to lie down, ... The reason it is popular for practical use has promoted many outstanding effects.

Himalaya mineral salts massage feet

The salt slabs are squared and squared and heated to the right temperature, then we just need to put our feet up and relax. This therapy will bring you a sense of relaxation, stimulating acupuncture points important points under the soles of the foot, especially acupuncture points STRAIGHT Help the absorption of beneficial minerals from rock salt into the body.

Frequent use of this therapy, you will feel many changes in the body, numbness in the legs, insomnia, dizziness or lightheadedness, even the long sitting pain of the office will completely disappear. lost.

Mineral bath salts

Use finely ground rock salt to exfoliate or mix in a tub, you will be extremely satisfied by:

+ Salt stone has the ability to penetrate deep into the epidermis, gently removing old layers of cells

+ Supplementing essential minerals, nourishing deeply from the inside of the skin, helping the skin smooth, beautiful and white every day

+ Removing dirt under the skin, stimulating new cell production, skin restructuring should be able to effectively prevent aging

Mineral salts composted

Hot stone ice pack has the ability to eliminate toxins, drain excess water and burn fat accumulated under the skin, helping to lose weight quickly (especially postpartum women), giving women a slim physique. In addition, this therapy is also suitable for middle-aged people who often suffer from joint pains and have difficulty walking.

You can make your own home-made salt bag by adding about 2kg of salt to a velvet pouch, wet the surface of the bag and place in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Then, take the bag out and apply it to the desired location to enjoy a soothing feeling of relaxation.

Rock salt Steam bath, foot bath

When using rock salt to steam or bath in the right proportion, beneficial minerals will unclog pores, expose toxins accumulated in the body. In addition, if you mix rock salt in warm water at the rate of 10 liters of water: 250g of salt and soak your feet every day will help stimulate blood circulation, reduce joint pain, fatigue, reduce hand sweating foot.

Himalayan mineral rock bed

The mineral rock massage beds can balance ions in the air, create a fresh environment, help us relax gently after the tired working moments.

It is these unexpected uses of rock salt that have helped it increasingly gain the trust of many countries around the world. In Vietnam, the trend of using rock salt in Spa technology such as sauna materials, body massage stones, foot salt stones, rock salt beds, salt rock sauna rooms, ... is very popular with Spa owners. Not only that, this new novelty has attracted a lot of customers to Spa to experience safe and completely natural beauty technology.

If you are or intend to run a Spa business, the design of rock salt beauty and health treatments will make a difference for your service, increase the competitiveness and attract more customers. .

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