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- Being evaluated as a vitamin of nature, Himalayan rock salt is being exploited by humans, serving many life needs. Not only in the field of beauty, health care, rock salt also goes into the cuisine of many countries around the world, including Vietnam.

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- Through the process of exploiting feats, the large salt rock will be cut into square blocks (usually 20cmx20cm), about 5cm thick to replace the metal grill. This method will make the barbecue taste better, creating a completely different taste than the way of grilling, gas or other ovens. Experts in the world cuisine have commented that grilled salt stone is a safe, convenient and very good material for human health.

Great benefits from grilled salt rock

- In recent years, grilled salt rock is a very popular trend among Vietnamese cuisine for the following reasons:

+ Ability to retain maximum nutrients in food

+ Increasing the flavor and flavor of the dish, making the grill more tasty so when baking food on rock salt we do not need to pre-salt food

+ Number of times grilled on salt rock is higher than conventional griddle (20 rounds of baking for 1 use)

+ Clean rock salt easily, without worrying about infection because salt rock contains high antibacterial ingredients

+ Does not cause harmful fumes and grit during baking

- Because of these great benefits, grilled salt rock has been well received by diners as well as contributing to making a difference, making the brand of dishes of thousands of restaurants and restaurants throughout the country.

Uses Himalayan rock salt

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