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Review Dony Mask: breathable, comfortable for skin and extremely fashion

In addition to the protection function to prevent the spread of disease, when choosing to buy a mask, consumers also pay much attention to the level of breathability, the comfort for the skin when used for a long time and the fashion style brings. Let's refer to the Dony Mask review article, to see if this product meets the requirements given above ?!

Evaluate Dony Mask based on characteristics and texture

Want to know that Dony Mask can antibacterial well, is easy to breathe, is comfortable for the skin when used for a long time, as well as a stylish and trendy design? You need to know the exact characteristics and structure of this product line.

Construct 3 standard layers of Dony Mask

Dony mask has 3 layers of water resistance, antibacterial, maximum antibacterial, specifically:

  • Outer: Possesses water resistant properties of level 4-5, which can prevent droplets from adhering to the mask right from the outermost layer, which is not possible in ordinary fabric masks.
  • Middle class: This is the filter layer, during the process of breathing, the air is continuously in and out, if there are bacteria inside, it will be retained by this filter.
  • Inner class: This final layer is antibacterial up to 99.9%, meaning it will take care of the bacteria that are left on the fabric surface.

Review Dony Mask: breathable, comfortable for the skin and extreme fashion 1 2020

Dony Mask is composed of 3 super antibacterial layers

The multi-layer structure helps Dony Mask to prevent virus penetration, well protect the health of users. In addition, the layers of Dony masks are moderately designed, not too thick, so it is easy to breathe and airy does not clog pores, causing acne, ...

The packaging is sterilized using EO gas

Do not let masks become a source of disease when produced, because we cannot determine the health status of the person who makes the mask is infected or not? Therefore, it is best to sterilize the packaging to ensure the mask is sterile before it reaches the consumer.

Dony Company uses EO gas sterilization technology that is considered to help prevent the spread of disease in the best way.

Review Dony Mask: breathable, comfortable for the skin and extreme fashion 2 2020

Dony Mask packaging is sterilized using EO gas

EO gas (Ethylene oxide) has the effect of killing bacteria, viruses and is widely used in the medical field: as disinfectants of masks, protective gear, and medical equipment. Sterilized by EO gas, Dony Mask products can be used right after tearing the packaging, ensuring safety, not being infected with bacteria and viruses in the first use.

Dony Mask design fits, snugly against the face, breathable

At first glance, you will see that Dony Mask has a design that is quite similar to ordinary fabric masks. But when wearing a Dony mask with elasticity, the product creates a feeling that fits snugly on the face. Especially, it is designed by specialized breathable fabric so it always feels easy to breathe and comfortable for the user during use.

Review Dony Mask: breathable, comfortable for skin and extreme fashion 3 2020

Dony Mask design fits, breathable and trendy

Dony mask color is quite simple with 2 main colors: black and white, but is still appreciated by it suitable for many trends and fashion styles of customers. For example, the product can be combined with youthful, dynamic, middle-aged or the elderly, ... Especially, it can be suitable for all different colors of dresses, skirts, blouses, suits, ... used at work, school or on the street, ...

In addition to the above outstanding features, Dony Mask also meets the anti-epidemic standards of the Ministry of Health, ensuring product quality - this is evident through certificates such as CE from French Cert Organization UK. or FDA certification of the US Food and Drug Administration, ...

Some principles of wearing fabric masks properly

Wear an antibacterial fabric mask on the right side

On the packaging of Dony antibacterial fabric masks, there will be specific instructions on which side to wear. So, you need to read it carefully to use it correctly.

Perform proper mask removal

The mask should also be removed properly. Accordingly, you should refrain from pulling the mask from the center of the face, but remove it from the ear strap. Next, just wash your hands with soap and wash the fabric mask you just used.

Review Dony Mask: breathable, comfortable for skin and ultra fashion 4 2020

Perform proper removal of the Dony fabric mask

Choose a mask that matches your face

Dony Mask comes in a variety of mask sizes, your job is to choose the right size to create comfortable wearing. At the same time, minimize the exposure to harmful agents. You should choose a mask that fits, embraces your face but still has a comfortable, easy breathing when worn.

Wash every day to ensure the best antibacterial

After a long day of use, you should wash the Dony fabric mask to remove all germs, dirt or other harmful agents. If you reuse a mask that has not been washed for several days, the amount of virus will adhere to the mask more and more, increasing the chance of infecting your respiratory system. Not to mention, the bacteria will also harm the facial skin.

Review Dony Mask: breathable, comfortable for skin and ultra fashion 5 2020

Fabric masks should only be used after they have been washed

Do not wear a mask "let have"

In fact, some people still wear masks to "give" and underestimate the seriousness of the disease. Protect yourself and those around you health, by wearing a Dony antibacterial mask, death will not miss anyone so do not be subjective!

Currently, Vietnam and many countries around the world require all people to use masks when traveling to public places. This is the best way to limit the current and future spread of an epidemic.

It is known that Dony Mask masks are not officially retail in Vietnam, but only focus on supplying large quantities for export units.

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