Treating Scalp FungusWith only the simple ingredients of Himalayan rock salt and acidity alum, scalp fungal diseases can be cured with a very simple way.

Safe Scalp Treatment For Himalayan Salt

1 / Overview of fungal diseases skin head:

How to treat scalp fungus?
Treating scalp fungus

Fungal scalp Dermatology is a dermatological disease that usually appears on the scalp, causing itching, flaking, alopecia and a number of inconveniences in life.

Causes of scalp fungal disease

Fungal scalp infections can occur in both men and women for a number of basic causes:

  • Due to direct contact or sharing towels, blankets with infected people and fungal infections of patients
  • Due to poor scalp hygiene habit creates an environment for fungal growth
  • Keep your hair moist overnight, or because the water contains pathogens
  • Fungal infection from domestic animals

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Symptoms of scalp fungal disease

The formula for safe treatment of scalp fungus from Himalayan salt salt 1 2020
What is fungal scalp treatment? Photo Collections

Fungal scalp disease, if not treated promptly, can cause many dangerous complications such as swollen scalp, yellow discharge, hair loss, which can cause itching, pain and discomfort. Therefore, people need to detect disease early and treat it promptly.

If you find itchy scalp and redness, unusual dandruff, excessive hair loss, and patches, you may have a fungal infection.

Scalp fungal disease develops very quickly, and once spread, it can be very difficult to treat. So patients should monitor symptoms for early detection and appropriate treatment.

Patients can go to the dermatology center for appropriate examination and prescription medication. In addition, scalp fungal diseases can be completely cured by the extremely simple method below.

2 / Effective formula for treating mushrooms from Himalayan rock salt

Topical Himalaya 2 Salted Scalp Mushroom 2 Treatment Formula 2020
How to treat scalp fungus? - Collectibles Photos

Use salt water

The procedure is very simple, you only need to take about 3 tablespoons of pink salt mixed with a sufficient amount of water. After washing your hair, take saline shampoo and incubate your hair for about 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Persistently perform 3-4 times per week, scalp fungal disease will completely disappear.

Use salt with acidity

You mix alum and salt in a ratio of 1: 2 (1 teaspoon alum and 2 tablespoons of pink salt) into 2 liters of water, after shampooing, apply the mixture on your hair and incubate for 30 minutes, then wash it thoroughly. .

Alum has the scientific name of alumen, alumino potassicus sulfate, which is a salt with small or irregular crystals, colorless or white, can also be clear or slightly opaque. According to Oriental medicine, acidic alum has a sour taste, welding properties, non-toxic, detoxifying, antiseptic effect, effectively eliminating itching.

In Himalayan rock salt contains ingredients such as: Sulfatecanxi, Potassium, Magnesium, Bromide, Bicarbonate, Borate, Strontium ... all have the ability to heal tissue damage, new cell regeneration helps support effective cell repair. Salt has a high antiseptic properties, helping wounds heal and avoiding infections and dangerous complications. Himalayan rock salt It is also considered the "cleanest" salt on earth, completely safe for the body, especially for dermatological diseases and skin damage.

Top 7 Simple Treatments for Scalp Fungus

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- Treating scalp fungus with simple and root-based beer at home.

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- How to treat scalp fungus with pureed papaya at home.

- The five-colored plant is a very good remedy for oily skin fungus.

- How to treat scalp fungus with basil at home.

- How to treat head fungi, hair fungi effectively with a dog


Safe Treatment of Himalaya 3 Salt Scalp Mushroom 3 2020
The secret to treating scalp fungus

In addition to using salt to treat diseases, patients should also note:

  • Do not wash your hair too much, scrub your scalp vigorously, use a high-quality shampoo, do not thoroughly rinse conditioner or use hair gel
  • Avoid wearing hats that are too tight, compose your hair for too long, and let it last longer
  • Avoid direct contact with people with fungal infections and monitor regular manifestations of ringworm
  • Regularly clean your scalp, pillows, helmets, ...
  • Drink plenty of water, eat lots of vegetables and healthy foods

Fungal scalp It is entirely possible to prevent and treat radicals if detected early. So, if you see signs of the disease, the patient should seek medical attention and timely treatment measures.

Safe Treatment of Himalaya 4 Salted Scalp Mushrooms 4 2020

Uses Himalayan Rock Salt

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