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Mechanism of Preventing Skin Aging from Himalayan Pink Salt

Aging skin - Under the influence of both objective and subjective factors such as sunlight, ultraviolet rays, age, pressure, stress or diet, inappropriate sleep, our skin is very prone to aging. This "old age" phenomenon has indeed made many women struggle, because the youth is greatly reduced.

Mechanism of Preventing Skin Aging from Himalayan Pink Salt 1 2020

How Himalayan Pink Salt Help Prevent Skin Aging?

1. What is aging skin and what causes aging?

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Skin aging is a phenomenon of reduced function on the skin, the overall structure of the skin is broken, leading to weakened capillaries and toxins are not excreted.

Inside the skin, the collagen production process will also be greatly affected, the connective tissue loses elasticity so it is easy to create wrinkles, sagging skin, no longer toned. Not to mention, under the impact of the environment led to the enzymes like protiase, collagenase ... becomes diminished, increases the process of keratinization, the skin appears dark spots.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao, Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City Cosmetics Association, when skin is aging, we quickly find out with signs such as wrinkles on the eyes, forehead, mouth. , nose ... dull skin, stripes only when smiling.

In the past, we often heard that after the age of 30, skin aging happens. But in fact at this stage, aging seems to be younger, as evidenced by the age of 25, if there is no effective skin care solution, we will face the risk. "look older than your real age".

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So what is the cause of aging?

Old skin Due to many reasons, among these are popular and have a great impact to mention the following factors:

  •   Sunlight, ultraviolet light, air-conditioned environments, etc. can all cause loss of natural moisture on the skin, disrupting defense structures, and stimulating melanin to produce more.
  •   Alkaline cosmetics also "contribute" in making the skin more sensitive, more acne, melasma, ...
  •   As you age, your skin loses its ability to synthesize collagen - one of the factors that directly affects the elastic structure of the skin.
  •   A diet that lacks science, eats a lot of fat, drinks alcohol or fizzy water, doesn't replenish the body's water needs to accelerate the aging process.
  •   Frequent stress, stress, and stress can impair the production of happy hormones, make us tired, skin less bright and quickly age.

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2. How to prevent skin aging?

When aging occurs, not only facial skin but other skin areas such as hands and feet will also become dull, no longer smooth as usual. Due to the unique structure, need to be cared for from deep inside to be healthy. Therefore, the use of skin care products only brings a somewhat effective.

Skin care experts recommend that you make sure of the following if you want to maintain your skin's lasting youthful appearance:

  •   There is a solution to protect the skin against the effects of the environment: apply sunscreen, shield skin when outdoors
  •   Use suitable skincare products when working in an air-conditioned environment
  •   Drink enough water for your body
  •   Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and limit carbonated drinks
  •   Eat well, do not eat a lot of fried foods. At the same time, adding green vegetables to meals, eating more fruits rich in vitamins
  •   Keeping yourself relaxed, happy, and having solutions to stress and stress
  •   Exercise regularly, apply detox solutions regularly to the body

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3. Hiamalaya pink salt - A powerful aid to prevent skin aging

Known as a pure salt and useful in health care, beauty of all worlds, Himlaya pink salt will help us deal effectively with the phenomenon of aging on the skin.

In the composition of pink salt contains more than 80 types of minerals necessary for the body. If absorbed in appropriate doses, the body will be boosted metabolism, promote the activity of organs that occur smoothly, especially increasing collagen production, eliminating toxins and helping reproduce cells. new skin cells. In addition, pink salt with products applied to life has the ability to directly or indirectly affect the balance of micronutrients in the body, against the attack of oxidants.

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Accordingly, we have the application of pink salt to prevent aging on the skin as follows:

Direction 1: Add pink salt directly to the daily diet

Replacing table salt with pink salt for seasoning is the best way to help you absorb useful minerals for the body such as Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iot, ... With a salty taste, no cause neck, pink salt will make the dish more delicious and characteristic. At the same time, this way also strengthens the activity of protiase, collagenase ... to structure the skin more healthy, supple before the effects of the environment.

Direction 2: Use products made from pink salt

Rock salt massage, rock bed rock, salt stone ion lamp are all products capable of promoting health, improving our appearance. When massage with pink salt stone, acupuncture points on the body (especially the acupuncture points under the soles of the feet) are cleared, stimulating blood circulation throughout the body, helping the internal organs work effectively. If the functions of the liver, kidneys, bile and digestive system work properly, the metabolism will take place smoothly, enhance biological metabolism to eliminate toxins out. In addition, these products also have the ability to balance the pH, provide the electrolytes necessary for the body, helping the skin structure to be firmer, firmer and more elastic.

Using rock salt massage, rock salt beds every day or putting rock salt lamps in the bedroom can help you sleep better, relax, eliminate fatigue effectively. When stresses are repelled, the skin will also receive great benefits, brighter and healthier.

Before aging appears, "raging" and degrading your youth, let's use effective preventive therapy from Himalayan pink salt rock today!

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