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Top 3 Ways To Cure Eye Stroke In Children Simple And Effective

Apnea In Children Also Called Stye: Causes, Remedies, and Prevention

Most parents are worried when one day the baby's eyelids appear a red bump. So how to treat styes in children effectively and safely, not all parents know. Let me share the top 3 cure styes in children Simple and effective in the article below.

Treating Styes In Children - Eye Disease: Causes - Remedies - Prevention

How to prevent styosis in children?
Stye In Children - Causes - Remedy - Photo Internet Source

Overview of styosis in children

This is a common disease on the edge of the eyelids and is also known as the eye patch. The disease causes soreness and there is a red bump on the baby's upper or lower eyelid. This has made your baby feel uncomfortable and affecting their daily life. Stye if not treated promptly, properly will leave bad scars on the eyelids.

The cause of styes in children

The main cause of styes in children is an infection of the oil gland inside the eyelids or bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus. At first, your baby's eyelashes will be red and swollen into sharp pimples that look like a hard lump. After 4 days, the boils will turn into pus and burst with the eyelashes.

Styes in children can go away on their own but are easy to relapse so when a baby has this disease, a mother doesn't need to go to the doctor immediately. However, if this condition lasts longer than 2 weeks, the mother must be taken to the doctor for timely treatment.

Top 3 Ways To Cure Eye Stroke In Children Simple And Effective
Causes of Stye in Children - Photo Source Internet

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Effective and safe ways to treat styes in children

How to treat styes in children with warm towels and hot compresses

This is the one cure styes in children The effect is applied by many parents. When children have styes, mothers should use a towel soaked in warm water and squeeze dry. Then apply it to the affected eye area. Usually, this time the baby will express resistance like crying but the mother still tries to hold for 15 minutes each time and repeat 3 times.

The temperature of this warm towel will help pus to drain faster and reduce pain for the baby. In case the baby is uncomfortable, the mother can enlist when the child is sleeping and apply heat on her eyelids. While children have styes, mothers absolutely do not squeeze pus because it will increase the likelihood of infection.

When the swelling is gone, mom should use a clean cotton ball, dip in warm water and wipe baby's eyes. Usually the baby's eyelids will be swollen after 1 week, so be assured.

Top 3 Simple and Effective Ways to Treat Child Stye at Home without a doctor
How to Treat Child Stye at Home - - Image Internet Source

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How to cure styes in children through folk remedies

From past to present, grandparents often handed down folk remedies to help treat styes in children. This method is also applied by most parents because of its many advantages, especially simple, safe and cost-effective. Here are the cure styes in children Through some folk remedies:

  • Put betel leaves in a cup of hot water and bring the mouth of the cup to the stye eyelid about 10 cm to inhale.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of black sesame in combination with soy milk and cook. Then, add 1 teaspoon of honey and give your baby to drink every day after breakfast.
  • Wash the following ingredients: honeysuckle, chamomile, dandelion. Then boil them and simmer for 15 minutes. Continue to take the first water and then boil the water for the second time. Mix the first and second water together and give the baby to drink 3 times a day.

How to cure styes in children by taking them to an eye specialist

When a child with strabismus lasts for 2 weeks, the parents should take him / her to an eye specialist for an examination. Absolutely not arbitrarily buy drugs, whether oral or topical form without clearly determining the cause of styes. This will make the stye condition worse and adversely affect the health of the baby.

Top 3 Simple and Effective Child Eye Treats and notes to know for best results
Notes on Treating Faces in Children - Photo Internet Source

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Some notes for children with styes:

  • Do not give your baby alcoholic drinks and eat onions, garlic, chili
  • Do not give your child thermal foods such as goat meat, dog meat and limit seafood intake.
  • She never uses a towel to wipe the diseased eye from one eye to the other

How to prevent styes in children

  • Protect baby's eyes from dust and smoke agents by wearing glasses
  • Limit your baby to places where dirt and air are polluted
  • Personal hygiene and hygiene for children every day and practice for baby hand washing habits after going to the toilet, going out ...
  • Never allow children to rub eyes with their hands. Instead, you should use physiological saline to clean your baby's eyes every day.

Above has shared the top 3 cure styes in children Simple and effective. Thereby, hope you have added more useful knowledge when your baby is sty-eyed. Since then helps the baby quickly and reduce pain in the eyelids more.

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