Privacy Policy At DamiLama

Like all people, the Himalayan DamiLama Rock salt understands and always knows that DamiLama's customers are very concerned about keeping secrets, account information and personal information including, full name, date. Date of birth, residence, identity card number, phone number, email, ... With the personal information that customers have provided to DamiLama, DamiLama is fully committed to confidentiality. The information that has been shared with DamiLama is only used for contact purposes, product consulting contacts, product sales.

DamiLama is committed to using our customers' information in the most appropriate way to improve the quality of our services and websites, in order to provide a better user experience when accessing. DamiLama is the best.

1. Purpose and scope of data and information collection at

- If you need advice, additional support about the product, you need to leave basic personal information for DamiLama to contact such as: Full name, email, phone number. In addition to this information for the purpose of consulting, the customer has no duty or obligation to provide any other information to DamiLama.

- DamiLama aims to improve service quality and better user experience, so we collect and analyze data and information about the number of times you visit and website https: / /, the number of links (other article links, other products) that you click and read information. And other information parameters such as the type of browser you are using, the IP address, the type of language you are using, the total web access time and time in each view of a link, ... .

2. Scope of using personal information

The personal information you provide is used to:

- Exchange, consult, support and explain inquiries about product information.

- Contact to discuss how to buy, transport goods.

- Latest updates on products, promotions come to you when you agree.

3. Information storage time

- At present, the information provided by you will be stored in the DamiLama website's storage system, data stored indefinitely, unless customers request to delete or remove personal information. from the DamiLama information storage system

4. The address is a contact of DamiLama (The unit that collects your direct information)

- Phone number: 0931 880 674 (Zalo - Viber)

- Address: Floor 2, 41 Hoa Hồng, Phường 2, Phú Nhuận District, TP. Ho Chi Minh

- Website:

- Fanpage:

5. DamiLama Commit to keep your personal information confidential

- The personal information you provide to us is stored in DamiLama's data system which is committed to complete and absolute security. DamiLama will only collect personal information of customers when agreed or voluntarily provided by customers.

- Your personal information will not be used, transferred, exchanged, traded or disclosed to third parties. If so, it is only with the consent of the customer and the intervention and requests of the authorities as prescribed, according to the laws of the State issued at the present time.

- DamiLama absolutely keeps confidential about all information, sales methods, online transactions of customers with DamiLama.

Above is the privacy policy of all customers' personal information at the website You need to follow and follow up regularly to update the latest policy and situation.

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