Although many people know the use of Himlaya salt rock lamps, they do not know how to use them, so they have not taken full advantage of these lights. If you are one of these, please refer to the instructions for using the salt rock lamp the best way. Reassure, you immediately feel the unexpected effects that this "gift of nature" brings.

Usage of Himlaya Salt Stone Lamp

Instructions on how to use himalaya salt rock lamp exactly

Salt rock lamps are derived from the salt rocks beneath the majestic Himalayas. After the exploitation process, thanks to the hands of talented artisans, large blocks of stone were carefully trimmed into unique rock salt lamps. Salt stone lamps have many different shapes such as full circle, angular triangle, sophisticated mascot shape or just a minimal diamond. Inside these bricks will be hollowed out to fit in the lamp with the appropriate capacity.

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Buy Natural and Crafted Himalayan Salt Stone Lamp?

Salt stone lamp is not used for lighting purposes but is considered a feng shui town, bringing peace, increasing prosperity for users. In addition, it is appreciated for its ability dehumidify air, balance ions, eliminate harmful germs for human health such as dust, bacteria, mold, toxins, ... With its useful and unique uses, in recent years the trend of using rock salt lamps for decoration is very popular by Vietnamese people. However, the increasing demand also comes with the questions of the majority of people who are and intend to use rock salt lamps: How to use the Himalayan salt rock lamp most effectively?

In fact, the salt stone lamp itself contains a lot of positive energy sources, so we only need to combine a few supporting actions to help it promote the highest efficiency. Here are some things to keep in mind:

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  1. Should put the lights in the appropriate location, space

With the ability to absorb moist air and toxins in the air to conduct the process of ion exchange and balance as a fresh environment, it is very suitable if you place rock salt lamps in the "source" of generating substances. poison. It may be spaces such as: near computers, near other electronic devices, in collective living areas (living room, dining room), in rest areas (bedrooms, spas, spa areas health care, ...), environments polluted by dust or cigarette smoke, ... You can absolutely use rock salt lamps in areas for the elderly or children because of the energy emitted from the rock. Himalayan salts are harmless and can support effective health care.

  1. Do not place rock salt lamps in wet or outdoor areas

Because these places can cause salt crystals to water when exposed to air. For environments with high humidity, you can light the lights for hours to dry them and help emit healthy ion energy.

  1. Handling when the lamp is crystallized

If the lamp crystallizes, there is a lot of moisture around the lamp, at this time you just wipe off the lamp with a dry towel, turn on the light in about 4-5 hours and it will dry again.

  1. Use lights at certain intervals

The lamp should be used within the following time limits to make the lamp durable and energy efficient:

We will divide it into 3 periods of using the lamp:

  • Morning: turn on the lights from 4 - 5h, then reduce the power or turn off
  • In the afternoon: turn on the lights for about 4-5 hours and then reduce the capacity
  • At night: you can reduce the power or turn off the lights

If your rock salt lamp is over 10kg then you use a lamp with a capacity of 40W, lights of about 4-10kg, you should use only 25W bulb.

  1. Store lights correctly


You leave the light on at the lowest setting or in case you no longer use it, you can wrap the sealed plastic and keep it in a dry place to avoid the hygroscopic and crystalline state of rock salt.

The above are the most basic ways of using and preserving that can help the salt stone lamp to maximize its ability to take care of human health. Buy yourself a Himalayan salt rock lamp like the best and experience its interesting things!

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