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How To Fight Numbness Symptom When Napping

Method - How to Fight Numbness Symptom of Effective Napping

Napping When Napping No longer Anxiety For You

How to combat numbness symptoms after naps 1 2020

Numbness when napping? When I nap, I got numb hands?…. These are two of the many questions that many people ask, including young people, when napping wakes up with numbness in hands, ants, needles, even cramps. This may be due to sleeping in the wrong position, but it can also be a sign of dangerous body disease.

What are the causes of sleep numbness?

How to combat numbness symptoms after napping 2 2020

There are many causes of numbness during sleep, the first to mention is that lying in the wrong position makes the compressed area between the body and the bed surface unable to provide enough blood, causing the hand to be numb.

When you rest your hand on your forehead, or on something, making your arm higher than your heart, this makes it difficult to deliver blood to your hand, causing numbness.

In addition, numb hands may also be caused by anemia, insufficient blood supply from which hands are numb, or other illnesses.

Hand numbness - do not be underestimated because it is a sign, symptoms of other dangerous diseases:

How to combat numbness symptoms after naps 3 2020

If waking up is numb, we should first confirm if we are sleeping in the wrong position, pinching the hand so that blood does not flow to the hand. If it is not due to the sleeping posture that numbness occurs again or again, your body may be experiencing one of the following problems:

How to combat numbness symptoms after naps 4 2020

Cervical vertebrae

This is a common disease in middle age, however, this disease is gradually rejuvenating. Many young people, especially those who work in offices, have little physical activity, use a lot of computers, phones, etc., will be susceptible to vertebral diseases such as spondylosis, cervical inflammation. If the numbness of the hand is accompanied by pain in the neck and shoulders, then you should think about this disease.

Poor blood circulation

How to combat numbness symptoms after naps 5 2020

This is also a fairly common cause. Poor blood circulation can occur at any age. Usually, in an adult there will be 4.5 - 5.5 liters of circulating blood, both providing oxygen and essential nutrients to the body, while playing many other important roles in the body. When insufficient blood is supplied to distant areas such as limbs, causing numbness or discomfort.

Without timely remediation and treatment, these symptoms can be increased, causing pain, discomfort, difficulty in moving hands, and if there is a medical condition, without Prompt intervention can cause serious health consequences, even paralysis and stroke if blood circulation is poor.

Measures to prevent numb hands after napping

How to combat numbness symptoms after naps 6 2020


First, take a nap and choose a comfortable position to avoid lying on your forehead, pinching your hand for too long, or too high a pillow to allow blood to flow easily.

Secondly, you should have a healthy life, eat a lot of healthy food, exercise regularly, stay mentally relaxed and stay away from harmful substances.

How to Fight Numbness Symptom of Napping 7 2020

Third, when numb hands, avoid shaving because the wind can cause bleeding in the muscles, causing hematoma and many complications are not good for health. In addition, patients can also gently massage the numb hands, but should limit the use of hot oils, alcohol, ... these drugs cause a burning sensation, creating a feeling of less numbness but only a brand name. transient results.


Fourthly, if you suspect that you have serious illnesses, patients should go to hospitals for a checkup.

Himalaya pink rock salt support treatment of hand numbness effective sleep

In addition to the above methods, you can also use additional Himalaya pink rock salt As a companion, effective hand numbness relief.

How to combat numbness symptoms at naps 8 2020

Every night, before going to bed, you can soak your hands and feet with pink salt with some herbs of your choice. This not only helps to flush out toxins in the body, it also helps to relax the mind, but also helps the capillaries dilate, helps the blood circulation becomes easier, and increases the amount of oxygen in the blood.

When you soak your hands and feet with salt, nutrients will also penetrate the skin into the body, but to provide enough for the body, it's best to add pink salt to your daily diet.How to combat numbness symptoms at naps 9 2020

This kind of pink salt is especially good, because it is not only pure, but also contains more than 80 types of minerals, including many essential minerals for the human body such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, ...

Especially, the sodium in salt is very abundant, this is a very necessary substance for the body, because without sodium, the body is easily vulnerable to numbness, even paralysis and death. Normally, sodium is excreted in urine and sweat, so for the human body, especially for people who sweat a lot, the addition of salt is indispensable. In addition, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium in salt are also very good minerals for the body.


Hopefully the article has provided you with some useful knowledge, including the causes and ways to support effective treatment, prevention of this obnoxious disease and symptom. Wish you good health, enjoy lots of life fun.

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Top Questions, Questions and Answers best about Symptom of Numbness after Napping:

I took a nap or numbed my hands, asking what was the cause?

If your blood flow is not working due to a blockage during sleep, you may have to rest your hands on your head or your arm is crushed. If you do not have the above conditions, you have anemia, so eat a lot of blood tonic foods, add more Calcium and Potassium to the body.

How to combat numbness symptoms at naps 11 2020

Every time I get up at lunch break, I often have difficulty breathing and are very tired, please tell me the cause and how to recover!

You always drowsy, eyes heavy when you just wake up? Yawning throughout the morning, and in the afternoon the situation is worse even after a nap? It is a manifestation of prolonged fatigue syndrome.

Manifestations of this syndrome are easy to see: You are always tired. When I get tired from work, I get tired of dinner at night, then fell asleep when my favorite movie on TV was in the most attractive part. Go to the doctor, the doctor says you are not sick, just rest more than it will cure. And you're really worried because knowing that resting doesn't help, you sleep at least 10 hours a day.

Fatigue is an early sign of many diseases. It may be the most obvious sign of depression, cancer, insomnia, anemia, low blood pressure, viral infection, lupus, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, inner ear imbalance, hypoglycemia. , hypertension, heart disease ... But persistent fatigue is an inexplicable exhaustion, lasting for more than 6 months and not caused by any underlying physical illness.

Patients with the above syndrome often have at the same time manifestations of sore throat, swelling of salivary glands, mild fever, myalgia and sometimes confusion. These symptoms sometimes occur, sometimes not causing discomfort to the diagnosis. Because fatigue is a very common symptom, doctors often assume that people who are too tired are due to their hard work or depression.

As for the cause of prolonged fatigue, there is a theory that it is a specific long-lasting immune dysfunction, starting with a viral infection. It is suspected that epstein-ban virus, coxsackie is the culprit of the syndrome, but it has not been proven yet.

Some studies suggest that major stresses such as divorce, job loss, loss of loved ones ... are the origin of prolonged fatigue syndrome, because stress weakens the immune system.

A new US study has initially shed some light on this disease. The scientists measured the blood pressure of 23 people with prolonged fatigue and found that 22 people had abnormalities in regulating blood pressure: Their heart beats slower at the time they were supposed to beat faster. For example, when lifting a heavy object, your heart must beat harder to pump blood throughout the body. But in patients with prolonged fatigue, the opposite.

The second strange thing is that when the patient is tilted at an angle of 70 degrees to the floor to assume that they have stood for a long time, most patients have hypotension. They feel dizzy, weak, nauseous and tired, listless for days afterward. The researchers said that if the aforementioned low blood pressure reaction occurs several times a day, it can cause continuous exhaustion.

However, most patients in this study were successfully treated with medication, increasing their salt and water intake to correct blood pressure. 9 people have completely recovered. 7 people feel less tired.

According to experts, you may experience prolonged fatigue syndrome if you have the following signs:

- Suddenly constant fatigue, persistent and unexplained.

- Although you have rested, not less tired.

- Difficult to focus and remember to the extent that it affects the ability to work.

- Pain of lymph nodes in the neck or under the arm.

- Muscle aches but no swelling or redness.

- Severe headache.

- Waking up after a long sleep also does not feel more alert.

The current treatment is to relieve symptoms. For example, using anti-inflammatory, analgesic drugs to treat headaches and muscle aches; use anti-depressive medicine to lift moods; exercise, physical therapy, breathing ... to relax muscles and spirit ... Persevere to do so for a while, the disease will be relieved and will always go away.

At noon, do you sleep or your body is numb?

You have poor circulation, poor circulation, and narrowed walls. It is very easy to be blocked by blood vessels, where there is paralysis in the body or hemiplegia.


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