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Recipes Relieve Sore Feet Pain During Pregnancy

How To Relieve Hand and Foot Pain During Pregnancy?

Tips to Relieve Hand and Foot Pain During Pregnancy 1 2020

During pregnancy, most mothers experience limbs and numbness, sadness and tingling. Although this symptom does not seriously affect the health, it will make the mother uncomfortable, if this situation persists regularly, it will negatively affect the pregnancy and the fetus.

The cause of numbness in pregnant women

Tips to Relieve Hand and Foot Pain While Pregnant 2 2020

Numbness in the limbs is common in pregnant women from months 5 and 6 until the end of pregnancy. Especially when the fetus is older, the more pregnant women gain more weight, pinching blood vessels, which makes the circulation, blood circulation is not good, leading to the phenomenon of limbs will be more numb.

In addition, numb hands and feet when pregnant is also caused by a number of pathological causes such as: When pregnant, women are deficient in vitamins and minerals such as B1, B2, folic acid ... hypoglycemia due to iron deficiency. Some more serious diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity are also causes of limb fatigue.

According to experts, some cases of limb numbness in pregnant women are also related to stroke factor in pregnant women, not merely a common symptom in pregnant women.

A small number of cases of numbness in pregnant women are also related to wrist tunnel syndrome, when the wrist groove is swollen, it will cause the nerves in this area to contract. This pressure will numb the fingertips, spreading to the entire hand.

Symptoms of numbness limb in pregnant women like?

Secrets to Relieve Hand and Foot Pain During Pregnancy 3 2020

Initially the symptoms were mild, simply a numb sensation in the tips of the fingers and legs like needles or ants. More severe can be accompanied by a burning sensation and slight soreness.

For pregnant women, numbness in the limbs is a normal physiological phenomenon that does not need to be treated. According to the specialist, the pregnant mother should go to the doctor in case of prolonged numbness in the limbs and the accompanying symptoms such as inability to lift the arms, dizziness, dizziness, muscle tension ... because this is most likely a manifestations of a number of other dangerous diseases.

Remedy for numbness in pregnant women

Tips to Relieve Hand and Foot Pain During Pregnancy 4 2020

Numbness in your arms and legs during pregnancy is a normal physiological symptom, so you only need to overcome some of the following simple methods to alleviate this condition.

Exercise in the morning with exercises for pregnant women, and start the joints of the arms and legs, so that blood circulation is good. If numbness occurs during sleep, pregnant women should change lying position, this helps blood vessels to be operated and circulated better, reducing numbness.

When you often have to work with the computer, you should take advantage of moving, moving joints, avoiding sitting in one place for too long.

In the daily diet you should also add plenty of calcium-rich foods such as milk, shrimp, crab and fish ....

Use Himalayan rock salt to ease aches and pains

Secrets to Relieve Hand and Foot Pain During Pregnancy 5 2020

In addition to the above methods, you can also use Himalayan salt ice cubes for massage or foot bath.

The reason that Himalaya salt works to help pregnant women feel comfortable, relax and reduce numbness of the limbs is due to its composition of more than 80 healthy minerals.

When massage or foot on hot Himalayan rock salt, the negative ions in the salt radiate, acting on the acupuncture points of the foot, helping blood circulation, eliminating toxins, warming the body, thereby helping to reduce numbness aches and pains, aching joints.

Not only that, the minerals and ions in rock salt will directly enter the body, support the activity of the respiratory system, enhance immunity, soothe nerve cells. In addition, the ions also help eliminate odors and toxic gases such as cigarette smoke to help protect the health of pregnant women and the fetus.

Is It Good to Use Himalayan Pink Salt Stone?

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Secrets to Relieve Hand and Foot Pain During Pregnancy 6 2020

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