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Recipes Hair Loss With Himalayan Pink Salt

Recipes Hair Loss With Himalayan Pink Salt

Recipes Hair Loss - Along with skin pigmentation, freckles or pimples, hair loss is considered an unpleasant, seriously threatening the beauty of women. However, you do not need to worry because DamiLama will share with you the secret of effective treatment from Himalaya pink salt.

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Causes of hair loss

Alopecia is divided into 2 cases physiological hair loss and pathological alopecia. In the first case, when the hair has gone through the growth period, it will automatically shed to make room for the new hair. These hairs will be nourished by the bone marrow cells, providing an essential source of nutrition to grow longer and longer. Physiological hair loss usually occurs in both men and women, with the amount of about 30-60 fibers / day.

However, if your hair loses more than 100 strands a day or you notice that your hair does not grow, hair is thin or curly, you are probably experiencing some health problems.

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Specialized research shows that there are many causes of hair loss and women are the most affected. These causes include:

  • Due to the attack of fungi, dandruff causes folliculitis, skin Head damage leads to insufficient hair follicle nourishment
  • Due to the impact of chemicals in hair dyes, hairspray, shampoo, ... makes hair roots hurt
  • Hair is affected by ultraviolet rays in the sun
  • Some hormonal changes, the body is malnourished (especially protein) easily lead to hair loss, heavy loss
  • Stress affects the central nervous system, affecting the way blood vessels work, causing the endocrine system to change resulting in hair loss.

Himalayan Pink Salt - The secret to treating hair loss is not known

Among the causes of hair loss, fungal factors, folliculitis are considered the leading culprits that make smooth, thin hair become sparse. Usually, when hair loss is often resort to pills and shampoos treatment. However, few people know that there is a simple and effective treatment support method that is extremely economical. That method is used Himalaya pink salt.

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In fact, the use of salt to treat hair loss has been applied for a long time but the effect will be more enhanced when we replace it with Himalaya pink mineral salt. The reason this salt is appreciated because its composition contains more than 80 types of useful minerals, extremely pure. In particular, the two minerals of sodium and chlorine play an important role, helping to balance the body's body fluids, promote normal metabolism, provide nutrients for cells, and prevent damage. come with hair. When using the pink salt, the natural antiseptic ability of the salt will help to kill the fungus, eliminate dandruff and stimulate hair follicles to grow.

How to use Himalaya pink salt to be effective?

For salt to work on your hair, you can do the following:

Method 1: Brewing pink salt in warm water at a ratio of 1: 4 (or adjust 100g of salt, use 4 liters of water). You then use this brine to wash your hair instead of regular water.

Method 2: Mix one teaspoon of finely ground pink salt into the daily amount of shampoo. Next, just wash your hair as usual.

How To Make The Cool Peppermint Mint Bath At Home

Some notes when using Himalayan Pink Salt as the secret to hair loss:

  • During the shampooing process, you should gently massage the minerals of salts to penetrate the scalp, stimulate hair roots
  • Do not scratch as strongly as this will cause hair damage, become weaker
  • Can be used either way with a frequency of 2-3 times / week
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Besides the use pink salt Shampooing, you can use instead of ordinary table salt in cooking to provide useful minerals to the body. In addition, pay attention to your diet, because this is an important factor, helps increase the effectiveness of treatment or prevent hair loss.

You should add protein to the body to metabolize, providing essential nutrients nourishing hair. Recommended foods include fish, eggs, milk, and beans (cove beans, soybeans, soy milk, ...), price, cucumber, green pepper, potato.

Eating well, resting properly, combining hair care properly will help you have silky hair, highlighting the charm of girls. In addition, when in the sun, you should also shield and protect your hair from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays too.

How Himalayan Salt Rock Was Born You Did Know?

Hope the above share of DamiLama has helped you find an effective solution for your current situation. Wish you good health, quickly find your shiny hair day!

Some Information You Can Reference Is Better About Recipes Hair Loss:

♥ According to South Korean Surgery Hospital Kang Nam, Shampooing With Brine Works:

+ Salt has 2 main components: Sodium and Chlorine which balance the body's fluid, ensure the normal operation of cells. Therefore, salt has the ability to prevent damage to the hair, Hair loss treatment with salt Effective for healthy, smooth hair.

+ Besides, salt also has antibacterial effects to clean and overcome headaches. At the same time stimulates hair follicles grow better.

♥ According to Tanny's Secret

Hair care properly - You must provide a favorable environment for hair follicles and healthy hair growth, that is, you must have a healthy scalp. Coconut oil (or castor oil) is not enough, you need to combine with the coffee to activate blood to stimulate blood to nourish healthy hair follicles. However, coconut oil and caffeine will not be able to penetrate much into the scalp and hair roots if we do not exfoliate. And coffee powder is the raw material of a dual task of activating and exfoliating. However, before providing nutrients to the hair, we must remove the harmful toxins coming from pillow oil, conditioner, dyes, hair styling. And Himalayan Pink Salt is a good candidate for scalp detoxification. Finally, like all other natural formulas, it It will not be too efficient if the material is not up to medical standards, the rate is not optimal, and there is a lack of treatment technology. And Proper Hair Care Is A Secret For Proper Hair Loss.

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