What is thyroid disease? and issues of concern. In Vietnam, more than 115,000 people each year see and treat goiter and thyroid-related diseases. Medical experts say that once the thyroid malfunctions, it can cause hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid tumor and thyroid cancer.

Himalayan Pink Salt And Thyroid Disease

 What is thyroid disease? Manifestations like

Thyroid Disease - A Problem Can't Be Underestimated

The thyroid (also called the thyroid gland) is located in the neck and has an anatomical structure resembling a butterfly's wing. This organ secretes the hormone Thyroxin (T4), which regulates organ development, stimulates the reproduction and growth of all cells.

Thyroxine (T4) is driven by the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) produced by the pituitary gland. Therefore, when the T4 level in the blood decreases, the pituitary gland will quickly produce more TSH to regulate the amount of T4 needed. Conversely, if T4 rises suddenly, TSH will be reduced to fit the body's needs.

For patients with thyroid problems, the signs and diagnosis usually revolve around the following typical symptoms: hypothyroidism (Hypothyroidism), hyperthyroidism (Hyperthyroidism), thyroid cancer or benign tumor.

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Is a thyroid dysfunction, making the process of regulating the amount of calcium in the blood, boosting metabolism, regulating body heat, ... are affected, stopped. More seriously, hypothyroidism can cause the thyroid gland to not produce enough hormones necessary for the body, which can lead to poor appetite, constipation, pale skin, poor memory, water retention, edema limbs. , more easily depressed, ...


Syndrome of increased metabolism in organs in the body. This syndrome brings together a variety of symptoms, which is difficult to diagnose and detect. People with hyperthyroidism often experience anxiety, faster heartbeat, excessive sweating of hands and feet, menstrual disorders (in women), decreased libido (in men), loss of sleep at night, decline in health, formation of tumors in the neck causing cosmetic loss, ...

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Cancer Thyroid

According to the study, this type of cancer occurs when there is a mutation or damage in the RET gene. In particular, women after the age of 40 have a 2-3 times higher risk of thyroid cancer than men. The onset symptoms will include signs such as an abnormally hoarse voice, difficulty breathing or swallowing, frequent unexplained sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, etc.

Patients with thyroid cancer depending on the condition will be prescribed surgical removal of the thyroid gland, radiotherapy according to a certain regimen. In addition, patients must use synthetic hormones instead to compensate for the hormones that the thyroid gland releases to the body.

Himalaya Pink Salt Effect On Patients With Thyroid Diseases

Medical studies show that thyroid disease (including hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, benign tumor or thyroid cancer) are caused by two main causes: iodine deficiency and immune disorders. According to TS. BS. Le Tuyet Hoa (Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University, Ho Chi Minh City) said that the body needs to consume at least 100 µg of iodine / day to ensure the thyroid function is stable. This amount of iodine is added to table salt and recommended for everyone to use. However, if replaced with Himalayan pink salt in the daily meals, we can control the iodine and sodium chloride intake well.

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All minerals and ingredients in pink salt are balanced, not superior, suitable for the human body. In addition, pink salt is thought to have a good ability to replenish essential sodium for people with hypothyroidism (because in this case, the sodium concentration in the body is much lower than that of normal people). Increasing sodium and electrolytes will help patients avoid water retention, edema causing weight gain for unknown reasons.

The magnesium mineral in pink salt is also essential for the conversion of T4 (Thyroxine) to T3 (Triiodothyronine), which supports the proper functioning of the thyroid gland in sufficient amount and substance. It should also be mentioned that, in both cases of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism results in zinc deficiency the the test. Zinc deficiency makes the patient reduce immunity so the supplement, meeting the needs of zinc is essential in the treatment of thyroid disease.

In addition to the method of using pink salt as a daily seasoning spice, we can try other health care therapies from this rock salt. Thyroid people are often stressed, tired, stressed, sleep disorders, hands and feet sweating, ... To improve, every day we only need to spend 30 minutes to set foot on rock salt massage. Under the action of heat, the acupuncture points under the soles of the feet are stimulated, circulating blood throughout the body. These therapy experiences have achieved positive results: the electrolyte balance is ensured, the patient relaxes, sleeps better, reduces stress and fatigue.

With this useful effect, you should immediately use Himalayan pink salt rock to support the treatment of symptoms related to the thyroid.

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