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3 Methods of Treatment for Osteosarcoma In Children

What is cystic fibrosis? What is cystic fibrosis in children? Are children with cystic fibrosis really dangerous or not? This is a very common disease as well as many other childhood illnesses. The problem here is that many and many parents do not know and do not have the knowledge of the disease, which leads to many undesirable consequences.

The secret to effective treatment of cystic fibrosis is that parents need to master the knowledge such as manifestations, consequences, ... of cystic fibrosis in children. So the following article will give you about some of the most basic knowledge about the disease to be noted and remembered ....

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Cystic fibrosis in children and the knowledge they need to know and master

Basic information about cystic fibrosis in children

Testicular cysts in children, also known as hydroceles, is the name for abnormalities in the groin of boys. The baby's scrotum is swollen due to the buildup of fluid in the capsule surrounding the testicle.

The disease is most common in infants and disappears on its own at the age of one. For older children, the disease occurs due to inflamed scrotum or injury. If cystic fibrosis does not cause harm or pain in daily life in children, it is not necessary to have medical examination and treatment. However, if the child is in pain, the scrotum is swollen, it is necessary to visit the doctor for timely treatment.

The main cause of spermatic cyst disease

The main cause of cystic fibrosis is that the peritoneum in the children is not closed at birth, causing fluid to drain and causing water follicles in the scrotum and groin. .

Cystic fibrosis is easy to spot when observing the child's scrotum is large, painless swelling on one or both sides of the testicle. The size of the follicle depends on the severity of the inflammation in the child.

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Children with cystic fibrosis in children of how old are the most common

Although not causing pain or affecting the reproductive ability of children, cystic fibrosis causes inconvenience to children when living. Over time, broken water cysts can cause an infection that affects the ability of sperm to produce sperm or other conditions such as an inguinal hernia, which can jeopardize a child's health.

Top 3 treatments for cystic fibrosis in children

To prevent as well as timely detection of disease in young children, mothers should regularly observe, to note if the genitals in boys have abnormalities such as swelling. In addition, cystic fibrosis disease can now be treated. The three main treatments are:

For children under 2 years old

This condition is common in newborns and disappears on its own when children are under 2 years old. Therefore, for children younger than 24 months old will be assigned to monitor at home. The self disappearance rate is quite high.

3 Methods of Treatment of Cystic Disease in Children 3 2020

What are the indications and contraindications for children?

Indications for surgery

When the child is older than two years old and there is still swelling of the scrotum, it will be tested and ordered for surgery. The two main surgical methods are:

Surgery through inguinal opening surgery

The doctor will make a small incision about 2 - 3cm in the skin fold of the abdomen. Undertake surgery and tighten the unmarked peritoneum. Preventing intra-abdominal fluid from draining down into the scrotum and forming cysts.

The advantage of this method is the quick time, thorough treatment and complete cure. The disadvantage of this method is that after the surgery, the child will have scars.

Surgery by laparoscopic surgery

Currently, there are many advanced laparoscopic methods for treating cystic fibrosis in children such as one-hole laparoscopy, two- and three-hole laparoscopy. Which is popular and brings many advantages over laparoscopic surgery.

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Cystic surgery by quality safety laparoscopy

The choice of single-hole laparoscopic surgery helps to limit the pain in the child, the time to recover quickly after surgery. The one-hole laparoscopic surgery also helps doctors to find out whether the remaining testicle of the child has a spermatic cyst or not to handle it during the surgery. Avoid the second surgery.

Regardless of the surgical method, after the surgery the child needs special care along with proper nutrition. Nutrition will be given intravenously with the main dish being liquids for easy digestion. In addition, children can also use painkillers, reduce edema to recover quickly.

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Nutrition and care for children after spermatic cystectomy is best

At this point, you've finished reading the article about basic information of cystic fibrosis in children as well as the 3 common methods and treatments that people need today. Posts shared in section child disease and many other diseases can be consulted.


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