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3 Methods to Support the Treatment of Scarlet fever in Children

What is scarlet fever and what is scarlet fever in children? Among the common diseases in children, scarlet fever is one of the most common. And how to distinguish the scarlet fever that children are suffering from it is different from other skin diseases most accurately. When your child has scarlet fever, how to best support skin care and disease.

Also signs, images to identify that your child is suffering from scarlet fever, you can refer below. Along with 3 methods of prevention and treatment of scarlet fever are quite easy and effective to grasp.

3 Methods to Support Treatment of Scarlet fever in Children 1 2020

Photos of scarlet fever in children and how to identify scarlet fever best for parents

How to identify scarlet fever in children?

Scarlet fever is a bacterial disease caused by people with sore throat, especially in young children. When this bacterium releases toxins that cause a reaction in the body, it causes a rash. Therefore, scarlet fever is often accompanied by fever and sore throat.

To make it easy to distinguish from other skin conditions, you should note that scarlet fever usually appears a few days after a sore throat.

The first symptom of scarlet fever is a baby with a sore throat and a fever above 38 degrees Celsius. Afterwards, a red rash called scarlet fever will appear on the face and then spread to the neck, chest, back and other sets. other fate.

Scarlet fever is also accompanied by the manifestation of the red tongue, the palate which may appear white and swollen.

If the disease is not detected and treated promptly, it can adversely affect the heart and other internal organs very dangerous.

3 Methods to Support Treatment of Scarlet fever in Children 2 2020

Symptoms of high fever are manifestations of scarlet fever in children

Is scarlet fever contagious?

In fact, scarlet fever can be spread but not transmitted by contact with scarlet fever on the body like many other skin diseases.

As we mentioned, scarlet fever in children is caused by bacteria so they are more likely to spread the infection by contacting an infected person through sneezing or coughing.

Therefore, when scarlet fever starts, isolate children so that they do not infect other children indoors or outdoors.

3 ways to support basic treatment when a child has scarlet fever

Take your child to the doctor for a checkup

When your child is showing signs of a rash and fever of 39 degrees Celsius or higher, take her to the nearest medical facility immediately for a doctor's visit.

After an accurate diagnosis by clinical examination or examination of mucus in the baby's throat will be determined to have scarlet fever or not.

Depending on the condition, the child will be prescribed appropriate antibiotics to treat the disease thoroughly. In addition, parents may not arbitrarily use drugs or antibiotics for their children without a doctor's prescription.

3 Methods to Support Treatment of Scarlet fever in Children 3 2020

Children should be taken to a doctor for appropriate medical examination and treatment when scarlet fever is suspected

Note the daily routines

When your child has scarlet fever, pay close attention to every child's expression and maintain habits that help support the most effective treatment of the disease:

  • Give the child regularly and at the right dose as directed by the doctor
  • Isolate children from family members. If you go to school, let your children stop school until they recover
  • Keep the house hygienic where the baby is resting and ensure a cool place
  • Wash and sanitize children's food and drink cups with boiling water before use to avoid spreading germs
  • Do not allow children to scratch the scarlet rash to create scars and pain
  • Take your child to the doctor if they have symptoms of excessive vomiting as well as a high fever
  • If possible, let children wear cool clothes

3 Methods to Support Treatment of Scarlet fever in Children 4 2020

Always wash and sanitize children clean with antibacterial soap and ensure safety for baby skin, such as baby shower gel products

Supplement nutrition for children to increase resistance

Scarlet fever will cause the baby to have a fever and dehydration, so supplement your baby with water, juice or electrolyte juice if directed by a doctor.

Besides, fruits containing lots of vitamin C also help children increase resistance and faster cure. If your baby vomits a lot or sore throat, parents should also give the baby thin foods easy to swallow such as milk, porridge or soup, soup, ...

Nutritional supplementation for children with scarlet fever is very good but it should be noted not to eat too hard or leftovers, foods that are high in greasy foods as well as foods fast. Because these foods can make your baby's condition worse and faster than it is now. Need to bathe the baby, clean the whole body of the mother thoroughly and gently, avoiding irritation to the skin.

In addition, when there are signs that parents should take photos to have images at the onset of symptoms and to the time of going to the examination as well as later documents to make it easier to identify scarlet fever. as well as other diseases. And through this article, we have shared with parents about scarlet fever in children and 3 Methods to Support the Treatment of Scarlet fever in Children exactly. Hope the parents can find the article sharing experiences about these disease in children from DamiLama. More information shared, good health.


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