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7 Things To Know When Buying Himalayan Salt Salt Lamps

Some of the following simple but important notes of DamiLama will help you gain more knowledge and experience before choosing to buy Himalayan salt rock lamps.

7 Things to know when buying Himalaya salt rock lamps

Have you ever heard of salt therapy? This therapy is called Halotherapy - using large amounts of salt in the desired space to alleviate anxiety; Skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema; jam; cold; sinus infection; insomnia; bronchitis and ear infections. This therapy has been used since ancient times and historical records record its use.

7 Things to Know When Buying Himalayan Salt Salt Lamp 1 2020

Health care benefits, support for the treatment of ailments Himalayan pink salt rock has been studied and proven by many scientists around the world, including the potential to become Halotherapy. In general, in order for this therapy to work, it needs to undergo a process of use. However, not everyone has a rocky cave near the place to live to experience its greatness. But there is a simple, no less useful way that any of us can apply: Use Himalayan pink salt stone lamp.

7 Things to Know When Buying Himalaya 2 Salt Stone Lamp 2020

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To experience the benefits of rock salt lamps, you should keep the following in mind when buying products:

  1. Make sure the lamp is made of pure Himalayan pink rock of Khewra salt mine (Pakistan).

The use of Himalayan salt stone lamps has almost become a trend and receives much love from consumers, so it is difficult to avoid fake and poor quality products. To make sure you are getting the true benefits of "Nature's Vitamins," select and verify carefully before you buy.7 Things To Know When Buying Himalayan Salt Salt Lamp 3 2020

  1. Choose the desired lamp shape

Currently on the market there are many designs of rock salt lamps such as natural geometry, spheres, pillars, cylinders, pyramids or other forms of mascot, feng shui images (statue of Pi retire, Maitreya Buddha, Thiem Well, ...). Depending on the needs and tastes of aesthetics, you can choose the most satisfactory lamp.

  1. Prepare psychology of "dust" cleaning

It sounds strange, but really, this is a phenomenon that you will have to receive when placing Himalayan salt rock lamps in the desired space. Negative ions emitted from lamps are capable of absorbing dust, pollen grains to purify the air by making these harmful particles heavier and falling on the surface of matter. Therefore, you may notice your room or desk more dust.

  1. Choose a reasonable surface for lights

Himalayan salt rock lamps can be placed on any surface, but be aware that emitting negative ions can cause moisture in the air and moisture to build up around the lamps. If you do not want to spend time cleaning up these "ruins", you should place the lamp on a piece of wood or install a separate stand for the lamp.

  1. Put the lights in the right space

Any room or space can benefit from the purifying effects of rock salt lamps, but they will be especially useful in spaces where activities are common such as living rooms, classrooms, and bedrooms. or office work.

In particular, the soft orange glow emitted from the lamp can bring warmth, inspire inspiration and happiness, so put the light in the room where you really spend a lot of time.7 Things to Know When Buying Himalayan Salt Salt Lamp 4 2020

  1. Buy the right size

The lights come in a variety of sizes depending on the room you plan to place them in. If you want to purify a large space, choose a suitable sized lamp or use multiple units. If you want to put in the place where you usually live and want to focus, use a small lamp placed next to where you sit.

  1. Replace light bulbs when necessary

Himalayan rock salt can be used from year to month but the light bulb is not so. Therefore, you must check and replace the light bulb to make sure your lamp is still working properly.

The above are simple but extremely essential suggestions before you buy and use a standard Himalayan salt rock lamp. What are you waiting for, let's quickly experience the wonderful benefits of this natural product!

7 Things to Know When Buying Himalaya 2 Salt Stone Lamp 2020

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