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4 Ways To Help Children Get Rid Of Biting Nails

Is biting a nail a child too simple? It sounds normal, but when it becomes a habit, this will surely become worse.The first effect is the normal development of the nail, in addition to the normal operation. of the child's digestive system, because the nail is home to many bacteria that are harmful to the digestive tract.

So how can you make your child get rid of this bad habit of nail biting, how and how to help children no longer bite their nails ...? Visible in this article will share for you.

4 Ways to Help Children Get Rid Of Nail Biting Habits 1 2020

Harmful harm to children when they have and formed nail biting habits

Why do children often have the habit of biting nails from an early age?

In fact, even at an early stage, babies begin to have a habit of sucking their fingers. This is considered a natural reflex when children want to explore the outside world and is also considered as a way for children to comfort and comfort themselves.

You can see that when babies are lying alone, they will suck their hands more because this habit helps them feel safer. By the time children are able to walk, they will continue to keep biting their nails so that they will feel more comfortable and happy.

If not corrected in time, the habit of sucking and biting nails will become a persistent disease, even until the child becomes an adult. That's why so many children sitting in class often bite their nails, especially when they feel depressed asleep.

Other possible causes of prolonged nail bite in children may be due to genes inherited from their parents. In addition, biting nails is also considered a way to relieve stress, anxiety, boredom of children. Some cases are also possible from an early age, children imitate this habit from someone and maintain it until they grow up.

4 Ways to Help Children Get Rid Of Nail Biting Habits 2 2020

Children biting nails have many causes and boredom is still the main reason to create nail biting habit in children

Nail biting is harmful?

In children under 6 months of age, the habit of sucking fingers is considered a way for children to develop the ability to feel the outside world view, stimulate brain development. However, parents should pay attention to clean nails and keep baby's hands clean to avoid infection with pathogenic bacteria.

But as children get older, hand bites can bring many health risks:

  • Weakening of teeth and gum deformities in children. The reason is that biting your fingernail puts pressure on your teeth, gums can cause chipping, damaged enamel, and gums cause pain.
  • Cause nail scratches, peeling skin, even bleeding makes children painful and fussy crying
  • Nails are often in contact with everything, so they contain a lot of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, nail biting can cause oral infections that cause digestive tract infections and intestinal diseases.
  • Biting a lot of nails can cause nails to become twisted, deformed or inflamed, both painful and unsightly.

Therefore, parents should definitely pocket effective ways to help children abandon this bad habit.

4 Ways to Help Children Get Rid Of Nail Biting Habits 3 2020

Keeping your child's nails clean often is the secret to restricting biting of nails

4 effective ways to help children get rid of nail biting habit

Find out the causes of nail biting in kids and fix them

First of all, to help children get rid of this bad habit, parents need to know where the cause of their child's nail bites comes from.

If your child bites their nails due to feeling lonely, bored or stressed, parents should give helpful advice to their children.

Play with children more

Nail biting is usually caused by a routine from small to large. Therefore, when children are under 1 year of age, parents should not allow children to bite their nails. Instead, have more fun with your children, when their hands are busy playing games, they will no longer think of biting their nails.

In addition, more effectively, parents can play with children outdoors to keep their hands and feet active.

If your child is having a habit of biting a nail and is hard to give up, tell them the dangers of keeping this bad habit. You can also agree to reward your child with a reward that he / she likes to exchange nail biting with your child. A long time children forget, bad habits will also disappear.

4 Ways to Help Your Child Get Rid of Nail Biting Practices 4 2020

Parents often play and chat with children to reduce boredom and nail biting in children

Regular care and nail hygiene for children

Regular nail care and hygiene for children from an early age can also limit the child's nail bite. Because many children find their nails too long to be entangled, they often bite.

Create strange flavors for children

Currently in pharmacies, there are products that help parents eliminate nail bites for children. These creams or topicals will have a bitter, spicy, unpleasant taste that will make children no longer want to close their mouths on their nails. However, parents do not need to worry because the ingredients of these products are safe for children's health.

A few more tips are that every child has food that they don't like, parents should apply foods, foods that they do not like, children hate on their hands, the situation is limited. Nail biting is very effective.

You are viewing and following the article 4 Ways To Help Children Get Rid Of Biting Nails shared from DamiLama in the forum disease in children. Hope you read the article and have more knowledge to limit children nail biting habit, eliminate nail biting in children for your own children, thereby contributing to improving health, creating Healthy habits come to your child in the best way.


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