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09 Reasons You Should Own A Himalayan Salt Stone Lamp

If you are not interested in owning a Himalayan salt rock lamp, then you have missed many interesting and useful things.

9 Reasons to have a Himalayan salt rock lamp in your home


Like a never-closed window, salt stone lamps can bring a natural, clean light to the desk, living room, bedroom or any space you put it. Here are 9 reasons to own a rock salt lamp, or rather, 9 uses that have been studied from the scientific perspective of this lamp.

09 Reasons You Should Own A Himalayan Salt Salt Lamp 1 2020Use 1: Deodorize and clean the air

This is one of the most appreciated uses of lights Himalayan rock salt. This lamp is capable of removing dirt, pollen, cigarette smoke and other pollutants from the air.

Himalayan salt rock lamp will purify the air through its dehumidifying power. That is, they will attract water molecules from their surroundings, then absorb these molecules - as well as other toxic molecules - into the salt crystal. When the salt cube surrounding the light bulb is heated to a certain temperature, a quantity of water is produced. This water will evaporate back into the air while dust, pollen or smoke will be trapped.

Use 2: Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms

Because rock salt lamps are capable of removing microscopic dust particles, molds or other harmful components in the air, placing the lamp in the room will help you reduce allergies effectively. Even people with asthma notice a positive change in their health after 1 -2 weeks of using the light in regular contact spaces (office, bedroom).

Use 3: Reduce the cough

Most of the residential space in urban areas is often polluted by dust and smoke, electronics will overwhelm positive ions. But when positive ions are too much, our health will be affected. You can clearly see this when going to high areas, the temperature drop will feel more comfortable and fresh than the noisy city. The reason for this phenomenon is because the high area contains many negative ions for health.09 Reasons To Own A Himalaya 2 Salt Stone Lamp 2020

Returning to the Himalayan rock salt lamp, when the lamp is heated, the air desiccant mechanism will start to work. The positive ions in the air will be absorbed by the lamp, release benign steam, help the respiratory organs work smoothly, purify the lungs and trachea effectively. Therefore, the cough due to weather allergy or environmental factors are significantly reduced.

09 Reasons To Own A Himalaya 3 Salt Stone Lamp 2020

Use 4: Enhancing energy for the body

When you place Himalayan rock salt lamps in the places where you come in frequent contact, the air will be filtered out, helping you boost your breathing, circulation and metabolism activities to stay healthy. After about a week of using the light, you will notice this use.

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Utility 5: Neutralizing electromagnetic reactions in the air

There is no doubt that most of us today must live in an environment full of electromagnetic radiation. These radiations are mainly generated from familiar electronic equipment such as TVs, computers, mobile phones, radios, etc. Long-term exposure in these hazardous conditions will cause serious effects such as increased stress, chronic fatigue, weakened immune system and other health consequences.

And now, the solution to overcome and prevent these risks effectively is to use rock salt lamps. Placing lights close to electronics can help neutralize electromagnetic radiation, reducing the potential risk for you and your family.

09 Reasons You Should Have A Himalayan Salt Salt Lamp 4 2020Use 6: Deep sleep and better

An environment with too many positive ions also causes you to have trouble sleeping. This is even more important than the type of communication disorder in the body. Why is that? Because the positive particles have the ability to reduce the amount of blood and oxygen supply to the brain leading to this obnoxious condition. Therefore, when using the Himalayan rock salt lamp, the problem will be reversed, more negative ions will be generated, the air quality will be better and of course sleep will be improved.

Use 7: Improve mood

When you feel tired, uncomfortable and tend to get angry, light up a rock salt lamp. Negative ions generated during heating help increase blood and oxygen pumping to the brain, while promoting the production of serotonin - the neurotransmitter that makes us happy. Many experiments also show that putting salt rock lamps in the bedroom will help improve the married life of couples.

Use 8: Deal with seasonal affective disorder

Have you ever heard the saying "The sun doesn't like it - The rain won't let go"? This is a vivid depiction of the psychological changes caused by changing weather in some people. Want to improve this situation, the use of rock salt lamp will be the most optimal solution. The natural light of the Hymalaya pink salt lamp is very close to the warm light of the sun, thus relieving the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

Use 9: Environmentally friendly light source

The light emitted from the salt stone lamp has a soft pink or light orange color. The light bulbs used to light rock salt did not consume too much power, even we can use candles to light inside it.

09 Reasons To Own A Himalaya 3 Salt Stone Lamp 2020

Uses Himalayan Rock Salt

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09 Reasons To Own A Himalaya 6 Salt Stone Lamp 2020

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